What types of properties can you finance?

We finance ALL types of commercial properties.

What’s the difference between an SBA loan and a Conventional commercial loan?

When you are approved for an SBA loan, the bank issuing the loan gets a guarantee from the federal government that protects them against loss for up to 75% of the amount they loan you. So, SBA loans are more likely to get approved because they are less risky for the bank. For this reason, we always try to pre-approve you for an SBA loan if your project looks like it might qualify.

What’s the maximum loan to value (LTV) you can offer me?

Maximum LTV varies based on property type, transaction type (purchase, refinance, cash-out), geographic location, property condition and borrower credit profile. But rest assured, whatever the situation, we offer the most aggressive financing options and the highest LTV’s for most transaction types (up to 90% LTV).

What information do you need to provide me with a quote?

For most income producing commercial properties, the following 3 items are usually enough for us to provide you with details regarding financing options.

  1. The most recent annual Income and Expense statement for the property or business.
  2. A current Rent Roll (if multiple tenants).
  3. A few digital photos of the property to be financed.